At least half the dogs in our neighbourhood these days are less than a year and a half old. The pandemic puppy phenomenon did not pass us by around here, and every day as we go for our walks in the rain, shine, epic heat or brutal cold, we encounter so many other of these pandemic pups in the park. Pups who have neither care nor concern that the very pandemic that forged virtually every aspect of their lives to date still has a lingering subtle effect on their human companion’s day-to-day. Some day, maybe even soon, things will go back to normal… ish. But maybe not quite yet.

So desperately am I looking forward to two things: being able to travel further than my neighbourhood and the now-six-month-old puppy being able to tackle a long hike. Adventure journal. The spring is being generous to us this year. Last year (and I remember this specifically because it was the first couple weeks of local lockdown and I was keenly aware of the weather and the time I spent outside because of being stuck at home) we had a slow, wet March melt. The snow lingered. The ice slipped up the sidewalks. Regular dustings of snow teased a late spring. And I didn’t yet have a six month old puppy who needed long daily walks. I live in a city…

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