It’s hard to say whether dogs are philosophical observers of the universe around them, wondering at the world as it flits past their existential mindset … or if they are simply easily distracted. I think I’d like to think it’s the former. My dog and I go on three walks a day lately. This time last year, just as the snow was starting to fall, she was a two-month-old puppy and was limited to exploring the world on a short leash in the containment of our backyard. A year later, and we’re touring the neighbourhood by foot with regularity, often meeting new people and new dogs, stopping to sniff virtually anything … well, she does most of the sniffing. I’m…

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Well, it was inevitable. This morning there was a few skiffs of snow around the city, but for the most part I could have still raked the autumn leaves dawdling in my backyard. By this evening, a generous blanket had covered the park and streets. I guess it really is time to dig out the winter running gear.

The inevitable happened. We woke up this morning to the first snow of the season. True, it wasn’t much more than a light dusting, bits of white clustered onto the outdoor furniture and holding stubbornly onto the shady places in the still-green grass. But it was snow. Just a little bit. Though enough to signal the end of something, and the start of something else. Something a lot chillier.

It’s the latter half of May and after weeks of sitting in the backyard sun, cooking out on the campfire grill, starting the garden work, and contemplating the birds, bugs, and flowers, it snowed last night. It snowed a heap. So much for spring. Well, for today, at least. Of course, I stepped out into the yard and checked my trees. The apple tree was covered (no, COVERED) in blossoms and while snow does not equal freezing or frost (mind = blown?) the chill temperatures are not great for those delicate little flowers-soon-to-be-apples. The dog on the other hand was in her glory. Born in September, our eight month old puppy spent the first couple months of her life with…

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