Community spirit comes in many different shapes and sizes.

Sometimes it comes in the shape and size of a larger-than-life travelling sign that shows up mysteriously in parks around the city.

ED - mō - wo͝od

A nonsense name and (I assume) a portmanteau of the name of our city “Edmonton” and the name of a much more famous city “Hollywood” erected as an homage to the famous landmark of the latter. Mystery. Puzzle. Social media treasure hunt. Spirit-boosting community game. Who knows which for sure.

I was driving my daughter to school this morning and looking off to the side of the freeway into a familiar park through which I’ve run and hiked countless times, the increasingly-famous rogue art display stood tall in the brown spring grass.

On my way back home I made a point of pulling off the road, driving down the access road, parking, and walking the hundred meters into the empty park to snap a couple photos.

On this wordy Wednesday, someone else had done my work for me and provided a word they thought could brighten a gloomy day and bring a little joy to a city in pandemic lockdown.

I’d say they succeeded.

That’s one powerful random nonsense word I’d never heard of until about 730 this morning.

Why do I need to put so much work into my cast iron?

Can’t I just beat it up and use it how I feel like?

I was reading a r/castiron post over on Reddit recently and someone asked this simple question. It was along the lines of why y’all putting in so much work to your frying pans? I don’t and it still mostly works. Who cares!

I have so many questions myself.

First and foremost, whose wasting the most time? Someone looking after their possessions to get the most from them, or someone reading a forum about something they obviously don’t care about?

I didn’t reply.

Instead, I made a note to myself to add this terrific question and answer to my website because it’s a complex question with a simple answer.

Do you need to put in a lot of work to your cast iron pans?

No, of course not.

Just like you don’t need to change the oil in your car. It just helps your engine run better and longer.

You don’t need to clean your bathroom, but people might avoid your house if you stop.

And bathing and brushing your teeth is completely optional, but when you start to smell, get sick and lose your teeth it’s your own fault.

So, no, you don’t need to put in any work to your cast iron cookware. But if you do it helps it cook better, last longer, and make delicious, healthy food for you and your friends for a long, long time.

Hello World

This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!


It’s the first day of 2021. New Year. New hope. New blog.

I went looking for something fun and positive to add to my daily reading list and wow are we ever dropping the ball guys!

You’ve all been feeding your socials and mining the gold for twitter and facebook, it seems. Gah!

I present this as your alternative. This is my new daily blog. Nothing complex. Nothing deep. Nothing newsworthy. Just words about a good life, well lived, and enjoyed aloud.

You may want to bookmark it.