You might be an artist who would like to introduce yourself and your work here or maybe you’re a business with a mission to describe.


I’m just a guy who decided he needed a simple creative outlet to start writing about positive things online.

Or that’s the plan on January 1, 2021 when I started this blog.

I bought the domain a couple years ago. We were camping with friends, and I had dragged along a respectable collection of my cast iron cookware for making awesome meals over the campfire. I was teaching people how to season properly, grilling great grub, and creating cast iron converts all over the place.

“You should write a blog about this.” One of them joked.

I felt the mental blur of one too many campfire beers and registered the domain name from my phone with the intoxicating campfire smoke wafting about me.

Of course, little came out of that, but when I started thinking about the things that made me happy, like being outside on the trails, exploring the wilderness in a pair of running shoes, outdoor adventures, and cooking over a hot fire with a big, heavy, well-seasoned cast iron pan, I thought, hey, maybe I am the cast iron guy.

After all, what better single object to sum of my philosophy of life than a beautiful piece of iron that improves with care, attention, and food.

What I’ll be writing here on this blog may not be exclusively about cast iron cookware, but it will certainly come up. Maybe it even all connects back somehow. And I suspect the type of people who would be interested in reading my ramblings, likely are the same folks who cherish a good camp cookout, too.

– bardo

One side note about privacy and personal information. This is a personal blog written under a nom de plume, a choice meant to draw a thick line between my personal and profession self. My employer has strict policies about how I represent myself online with respect to anything that might be construed as an opinion or advice about their domain of service, which has a broad local reach. But both the blog and I are unaffiliated with any company, business or government. Any opinions and ideas expressed here belong to me and me alone. Also, I don’t collect or have any interest in collecting, storing or selling your personal information, so please stay out of mine. I publish from Canada, and content posted here follows Canadian laws and standards.