On Safety

I’m just a guy. This is just a blog.

But please read this reasonable warning.


Much of what I write about here are personal anecdotes and ordinary stories meant to inspire and entertain, but none of it is professional advice.

I have years of personal experience running. I have decades of personal experience working with camping fires and hot cooking surfaces. I spent my youth as a scout, camping and hiking in the woods and have learned many tough lessons the hard way.

That said, much of what I write about here can be considered dangerous.

Adventuring in the outdoors is medium to high risk, particularly if done solo.

Cooking with fire and cast iron can lead to serious injury or property damage.

Running is a real sport and should not be attempted without consulting with a physician and using proper gear.

Be Prepared

If you are in doubt, look for additional opinions.

Do yourself a favour and stock or carry a first aid kit. Carry a communications device. Dress appropriately. And always let someone know where you are going.

If you are working with fire, follow local regulations and keep safety equipment nearby.

If you don’t feel safe, stop.

Be safe out there.

This blog and the author do not endorse unsafe participation and will not bear responsibility for injury or damages incurred.