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Summer 2022

Three short months of heat and green grass, late-evening campfires, mosquitos on long wandering hikes and carefree relaxing in the backyard.

Spring 2022

Another year, another spring, another opportunity to clamber out of our winter hibernation and explore the world.

Running 2022

The running year started for me with a trio of races in Florida and the re-opening of in-person races. That means lots of training to do… and lots of photos to take!

Sketch Club

Recently I’ve put my camera down a few times and have been honing my artist skillset as I dabble in a travel trend known as urban sketching.

Winter 2022

Deep cold and bristling snowstorms make way for cherished moments of outdoor wonderlands.

Autumn 2021

Summer doesn’t fade away, so much as it blossoms into a world of colour and splendour.

A dog in the lake.

Summer 2021

The sun came out, as did the smoke, but the summer time is meant for camping, cookouts, long walks, and fun-filled days.

Winter 2021

I started this blog in the deepest, darkest days of winter and began posting and writing on the joys of freshly fallen snow, brisk cold, and winter in the great outdoors.

A cast iron pan over a fire pit with veg.

Cast Iron

As time flies, the iron gets hot and I’ve found that I’ve shared a lot of photos of well-seasoned pans and the delicious things that are often found in them.

Running 2021

From trails to asphalt, I traced so many kilometers through the city and the world that sometimes the only way to recall them is by a smattering of photos.

A loaf of sourdough cools on the countertop.

Sourdough Bread

Pardon my fascination with a crusty bit of delicious bread, but with a long-lived starter and a few trusty cast iron pans I’ve been able to bake some amazing loaves.


Art is subjective, but comics are narrative and the possibility for story to unfold from a crudely drawn sketch of some familiar characters is something that tickles my funny bone.

Ireland 2019

In the summer of 2019 we found ourselves in Ireland, mostly in Dublin, but also a bit about the countryside exploring a vastly interesting landscape and culture.

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