Greatest Posts

Great Starting Points

Disney Travels is some writing I did leading into and at a vacation in Florida’s Disney World park, including some runs.

What a Picture is Worth is a regular feature where I dig out an old photo from a past adventure and write a short post on the context.

Bardo’s Poetry Book is a collection of random poems. I am not a poet, but a friend has inspired me to read more of it and think more critically about its place in the constellation of my creative pursuits.

Cast Iron Cookbook is a collection of recipe posts, mostly involving a bit of cast iron, sourdough, or campfire mystique that make the good-enough-to-write-about cut.

BardoTube is all the posts where I included a video of some kind to supplement the text.

Lists are not Clickbait is a category of posts where I’ve made lists of things. Some people really like lists, and sometimes a good list is all you really want to read anyways.

Daily Words

In 2023 I added a “daily” section to this site in an attempt to get back to a regular routine of writing shorter, simpler, quickly-readable posts. This may be more of a daily…ish section, but the intention is to be more of a micro-blog for more day-t-day quippy writing than full articles.

Monthly Archives

Weekly Regulars

A rotating slate of weekly topics keeps me from falling into a rut and avoid day after day of repetition. These are simple prompts to inspire my writing, rather than strict guidelines. That's to say, these rules are not rules, just nudges.

Sunday Rundays

I’m a distance runner, but a lot of my training takes me into the wooded trails near my house. I don’t (always) think of running as purely exercise and fitness, but rather as a way to explore off the roads and asphalt surrounding my suburban home. I don’t intend to write about training, but instead about some of the things I think about or discover while on the trails.

Meta Monday

After the weekend is over, Mondays are for waxing about self or purpose. These could be some personal backstory, words of insight about why and how I do what I do, or just an update about this blog itself.

Travel Tuesdays

Aspirational, historical, or on the fly, I’m inspired to write and sketch my adventures nearby and far flung. Whenever I’m not sleeping at home, I’m travelling, and words are possible.

Wordy Wednesdays

Over the summer of 2020 I got it into my head to write some short stories about a fictional version of my aspirational self. Parse that out. I’m leaving Wednesdays open as an excuse to do more of this, but even more broadly. Prose, short fiction, serialized stories, and maybe even some dabbling poetry may appear on Wednesdays.

Tuck & Tech Thursdays

I wanted an excuse to muse about gear, books, recipes, and other kit that I own or would like to add to my collection. I’m neither sponsored nor provided any of these things. I just find them interesting or useful, and worth writing about. These are not reviews so much as my wandering thoughts about stuff.

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Some Other Points I’d Like to Make…


As I write this blog every day I’m keenly aware that I’m in a bit of a privileged position.

This is a hobby and a creative outlet for me, and I’m not trying to become an “influencer” or “build a revenue stream” from this website.

If you like it, share it or send me a note.

If not… shrug.

Provided my traffic remains modest, I am able to run this site from inexpensive hosting and cover all of my costs without posting advertisements or taking endorsements.

I understand that not everyone is able to do that, and many small content creators rely on traffic and advertising to make this effort work for them. Be sure to support small creators whenever you can, give creators credit where due, and keep blogs and independent media alive for a strong, interesting future.


Ninety-nine percent of the images I post on this site belong to me. They are photos I have snapped, art I have drawn, screen captures I have annotated, or filtered pictures created using apps that I’ve payed for.

If I use an image that is taken from somewhere else I will provide credit.

If you want to use an image from this site, please contact me first. I will probably even say yes, so long as I understand what it is being used for. (Please do not link directly to my hosting please!)

Send an request to “hello” at this domain name.


This blog does not consistently do comments. Some posts though may have comments turned on. I find things get stale pretty quick if and when people do write something, and I am compelled to moderate for what is actually 99% spam to weed out the little bit of good from the mountains of bad.

If you want to participate, the simplest way is to talk to me on Twitter.

If you want to go deeper than that, I am open to collaboration or cross-posting or other interesting things that bloggers do to help each other build great and useful sites. I don’t have any set rules or ideas about this yet, but … convince me!

Send an email to “hello” at this domain name.