Campfire Club Podcast

It’s time again for another meeting of the Cast Iron Guy’s Campfire Club. I’m your host, Bardo, broadcasting and podcasting your weekly dose of suburban adventure from here in the middle of the Canadian Prairies. Thanks for tuning in. Now pull up a seat and warm yourself by the fire while I grill up some of the stories from the last week and more.


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Thanks again for listening. Until we gather around the campfire next time, take care and find yourself some local adventure.

Local Archive

Pod 2 – Mountain Bunkers, Extreme Grilled Cheese & Mutant Trees

This week we chat about mysterious hiking adventures to a nuclear bunker, experimenting with recipes by hacking the standard grilled cheese sandwich, and on noticing the effects of taking shortcuts when building things for the long haul.

Pod 1 – Grilled Spuds, River Mystery & Garden History

This week we look back on Canadian breakfast food, the continuation of a personal effort to reach the mysterious Big Island of Alberta, and explore some of the frustrations and fun of being a gardener in spring on the Canadian Prairies.