burning up the trails.

Sunday run day and I hit another milestone today… two, in fact.

First, if you’ve been following the saga of my knee injury from the second half of 2022, I climbed past the 10k mark recently and this morning posted my first 11k+ run. Ten klicks has always sort of been my maintenance distance, the distance I run when (a) we’re too lazy to plan a longer route and (b) we’re not training for any kind of race… over winter, off season, that kind of thing. So, posting something with a number bigger than 10 is a little milestone worth celebrating following my knee injury recovery.

Second, I haven’t written much here about it, but in preparation for a summer of hard running and marathon training I’ve spent the last six-or-so weeks on a bit of a pre-training health kick in an effort to shed some of my covid weight. This morning I weighed in and I was down 15lbs. Which is big, and 75% of my goal leading into an Easter timeline.

Burning up the trails and burning up the fats. Not bad for a random Sunday in March, huh?