by bardo.

I’ve written myself into a corner.

You may have noticed that I haven’t been writing as much here. Part of the reason for that absence is that when I started this blog I meant it to be simple daily blogs, thoughts, expressions, and interesting quips. But then I got serious. Or serious-er, at least.

Rather that quipping, I started writing big posts and fleshing out larger topics. My little quippy blog turned into actual work. Effort. Toil. Ok, so maybe whatever the “fun” equivalent of that is.

The point is that I simple overthought it and had a hard time reeling it back down to my original simple intentions.

So. Solution? A sub-blog. A micro-blog. A collection of daily(ish) posts on whatever, kinda back to the original intention of the site, and the bigger stuff? Yes… I’ll still do that, but at a slower cadence. Here’s to number one.