coffee machine.

As much as I write here about the various tools and tricks I’ve been using to make single cup coffee using gadgets or pour overs or whatever, I still rely on my trusty drip brewer machine for about half of my coffee needs.

My routine, for at least five days of every week (when I’m not going for a Sunday run or rushing off to work) for the last number of years has been to get up, feed the dog, and make two thirds of a pot of brewed coffee in the machine.

I settle in for a bit and in ten minutes or so pour myself a cup.

The machine has served me well for almost twenty years. It was a Christmas gift from my wife shortly after we were married. And technically, it still works great and probably will for as long as I own it.

But we collect Airmiles, that Canadian rewards program that links to your credit card and mysteriously accumulates reasonably-valuable points that seem to be great for all sorts of merchandise redemption and mediocre for actually flying anywhere. And the program is having some trouble lately. So, to avoid losing everything suddenly if the program completely tanks, we cashed in about half our saved-up miles on some small appliances…

… including a new SMEG Coffee Maker to replace my old trusty one. It hasn’t arrived yet. And I’m already feeling a little lost nostalgia for my current pal.