low tech love

It’s days like this that remind me why I use my high tech toys to write about low tech adventure.

This blog, about adventure, travel, and cooking (of course) tend to find me occupying my mind and words with the notion of doing things simply and manually. Grinding coffee beans and making a pour over, rather than using a pod-machine. Baking sourdough from a carefully managed starter rather than tossing yeast and flour into a bread machine. Cooking with fire and cast iron rather than getting excited about an air fryer or instapot.

Simple. Manual. Low tech.

This morning I’m struggling with optimizing a database on a small web server, fighting with code and network configurations and firewalls.

Complex. Mysterious. High tech.

So. A short break here, to write and to hang out in the former world before I need to return back to the latter. Sigh.