squirrel versus magpie

I was walking the dog in the park and was reminded that despite all the paths and fences and nicely insulated houses all around, nature continues on.

Just a little thing, but it’s always there.

As we were walking along a little brown squirrel was hopping along the top of the fences keeping pace with us, eyeing my dog with deep suspicion and chittering every now and then in protest at our relative closeness to him.

After about a hundred meters of this we passed a tree with two resting magpies.

The magpies spoke up in protest, then one of them took off and immediately started chasing and divebombing our friend the squirrel. The squirrel started yelling at the magpie and the magpie’s mate (still in the tree) started cawing at us for apparently standing there in the cold watching the whole drama. The squirrel didn’t seem to want to come down on the ground because that’s where the dog was, and was struggling to avoid the magpie while navigating the handful of trees. All of it quickly became a whirlwind of sound and fury and nature being nature.

I tried to take some photos, but the whole thing was a blur and the cold was numbing my fingers, so we left. I’m sure they worked it out… or something.