Sky Light, Sky Bright

A few nights ago (back when I was still wallowing in the afterglow of a turkey dinner and mentally preoccupied by an upcoming puppy surgery) I was laying in bed, reading, when my phone buzzed on my nightstand.

“Northern lights are aglow tonight if any of you are still up.” One of my running crew posted on the group chat.

I rushed to the backyard and did not see this.

Instead, I saw the wisps of some green light over the tops of the trees in my backyard and the roofs of the houses that back onto ours. Hints. Not actually anything worth remarking upon.

I was already settled, garbed in my pajamas, and tired … so I went back to bed.

When I woke up the next morning another running friend had shared the included photo on the group chat. He lives a few blocks away from me, but apparently has a much better northern view.

I was in the backyard tonight again for a few minutes, looking upwards and hoping that the northern lights might make a reappearance. All the night sky had to offer me though was a few bright constellations. Cassiopeia. Ursa Major.

But no more northern lights.

Alas, earlier this week the solar winds crashing against the atmosphere offered us a one night show … and I missed it.