Happy Things

Compared to this time
last year are you
happier or sadder?

the scent of freshly baked bread
crisp autumn leaves cracking underfoot
cuddles from an energetic dog
grilled meat over an open fire
fresh snowflakes reflected in my run light
churning my own ice cream
a freshly seasoned cast iron pan
saturn aglow in the evening sky
beers shared with coworkers in the backyard
runs through the rolling wilderness
airline tickets
looking across the mountains after a long climb
watching the construction of a new ice rink
games played with friends
completed projects at work
watercolour paints on coarse paper
a new leaf appearing on a houseplant
hugs from my daughter
text messages from old friends
freshly waxed cross country skis
spicy mustard
words shared on a not-so-new-anymore blog

Thirty one topics. Thirty one posts. Not exactly a list… but close. In December I like to look back on the year that was. My daily posts in December-ish are themed-ish and may contain spoilers set against the backdrop of some year-end-ish personal exposition.