When This is Over I’m Getting on a Plane

Travel Tuesday, and I’m sitting here (just like a good chunk of the world) locked down in my basement during a global pandemic.

We (fortunately) banked partial refunds and credit for two sets of flights from twenty-twenty COVID cancellations.

This means that last year we didn’t get to go any further than we could drive in an afternoon.

It also means that sometime in the future I’ll need to book not just a trip, but a TRIP.

The Trip.

The Trip to Celebrate the End of the Pandemic Trip. TM

The first time of anything after a long stretch without can be nothing… or it can be everything.

For example, I sometimes give up coffee for a couple months (system purging) and my first cup after a break is always a personally special event. I treat myself to a great big Americano from a local café, and take a sit-down break to savour it. It is a moment of reward for an eon of patience and abstaining.

I’ve not been on a plane for well over a year, though I had multiple flights booked in my last calendar. It seems like it might be at least another before we can reasonably think of casual personal travel. That first flight after this unplanned break feels like it should be a treat, a great big amazing trip to savour.

A moment of reward for an eon of patience and abstaining.

Where would you go?