Runner en Route

Sunday Runday, and the day slipped away from me.

I plodded out a ten kilometer loop in the wee hours of the morning, running with the same trusty group of friends who have kept me company through a summer of adventure running and virtual race training.

Yet over the summer something silly and spontaneous happened which I haven’t yet written about here.

I signed up for a half marathon.

A real one.

In person.


It’s outside of Canada.

In the next few months.


I’m planning to travel.

On a plane.

With my family.

Have a small vacation.

And run a half marathon.

With people.

We thought it through.

We think we thought it through.

And we’re going.

To another country.

And I’m running a half marathon while we’re there.


That said, I’m not one hundred percent sure I’m comfortable with the whole thing yet, at least insomuch that I want to share any more details. Suffice it say, I am officially training for a race as of July. Yikes. During a stubbornly lingering pandemic. Double yikes.

More vague details to follow in a future post.