another chocolate day

I won’t say that I was obligated to go out and buy a lot of chocolate the other day, but it certainly seems as though there are limited options for expressing affection for someone special on Valentine’s Day.

Flowers. Stuffed toys. Chocolate. Um… what else?

Have you ever thought about how some holidays just seem like days designed for trifling gifts?

At Christmas we tend to put a lot of thought into exchanging gifts. For a birthday, maybe you get something personal and nice. On an anniversary I often dig into the piggy bank and splurge a bit.

But Valentine’s Day? I tend to lean into the candy.

I watched this movie once called Stranger Than Fiction where Will Ferrell’s character gave a girl he was interested in, she was a baker, a crate full of different flour blends. “Flours.” He said. “I brought you flours.” Clever. That seems a lot more like my jam than a box of chocolate.