sushi rice

We’ve eat sushi once or twice a month.

Twenty years ago we lived on the coast in Vancouver, and sushi was fresh, plentiful, cheap, and delicious.

Now we live on the prairies, and fresh fish needs to traverse the rocky mountains from the ocean, a feat that no matter the advanced we make in supply chains will not rival simply being walking distance from an ocean pier for freshness, at least not in my life.

We normally order takeout, and the places that deliver are good, but not great. But last night, being Valentine’s Day, we went out and ate in a restaurant.

The place we went last night was great… and it occurred to me that not only was the fish excellent, but that the reason I enjoyed it so much was that they had amazing rice.

Like almost anything, good ingredients make a lot of difference. For bread maybe that’s flour. For cookies maybe that’s chocolate. For sushi that’s rice and fish. Maybe that’s an obvious statement, but I think often we just focus on fast or cheap or volume, especially in lean times. Occasionally, it’s nice have a rare luxury to focus on quality.