last pot, first pot

This morning I woke up as usual and made myself a pot of coffee.

It was the last pot of coffee, at least the last pot in my old trusty drip machine, a simple and economical model bought for me as a gift by my wife sometime between fifteen and twenty years ago. Over those years it has made me countless pots, but today was the last one.

Later on in the morning the doorbell rang and the new coffee machine that I’d ordered nearly two weeks ago using reward points was delivered with a smile and a signature.

I washed it up, plugged it in, and brewed a fresh pot of coffee. It is brand new, fresh from the factory, and until today was sealed up in a box waiting to do it’s job: make me a pot of coffee. It had never brewed one before today, but today was the first.

Tomorrow I’ll wake up as usual and make myself a pot of coffee, but that coffee won’t be from my usual machine.