reading: the best coffee at home

If you are living in the year 2023 and interested in good coffee, you likely already watch James Hoffmann on Youtube and glean insights from his seemingly limitless knowledge of the magic brew.

I discovered his channel last year and my only regret now is that I likely won’t be able to find him and shake his hand when I visit the UK for a few days this upcoming summer.

The next best thing to a handshake, tho, was finding his new book, How to Make the Best Coffee at Home, in an eclectic store on 8th street in Canmore, Alberta while visiting the mountain town last weekend. It’s a hefty tome, which I bought with my own money, and will tell you that not only is it a beautiful book inside and out, it deserves to live on the bookshelf of any coffee aficionado and ideally within arms-reach of your coffee stash.

I know that I’ll be curling up the couch with a fresh mokapot-brewed americano this afternoon and continuing my coffee education.