long pants, longer run

It’s funny how we are so trusting of technology, even me who works and plays in it on the daily and should know better it’s limitations.

I checked my weather app last night before bed and noted that the temperature for Sunday morning’s run should be around -8C at 8am. I laid out my gear and got down to the business of resting up for a 10k training run.

When I woke up and checked the temperature on our outdoor thermometer it read -19C.


I had a coffee and breakfast, got dressed, and checked the temperature again. An hour or so after my first reading and thirty minutes before my run it still said only -18C.

I rechecked the app.

For some reason my location had been set to Toronto. I live in Edmonton, two-thirds of the North American continent away, sort of like mixing up Chicago with Montana, or London’s forecast with Oslo’s.

Too trusting of tech, I guess. And thus more gear and warmer pants were required for the run. At least it wasn’t windy.