steps for a run

I’m two months into a year-long step-tracking goal.

It’s a small metric I’m measuring, a metric that records my walks, runs, and general wandering about the house, the city and beyond, in a long journey towards better health, fitness, and more. As of yesterday I passed seven hundred thousand steps this year, so far. My goal is about five million!

This also happens to be a year that I’m back to training for a marathon, so while much of the year will be me getting in really good shape FROM training for a run, the first three months of 2023 are me trying to get in better shape FOR training for a run. It’s a subtle distinction, and one I’ve had to start articulating to the people around me who have noticed I’ve lost a bit of weight, am even more focused on regular exercise than I have been for a few years, and am starting to show the effects.

“All that running is paying off.” They suggest. “You’re really getting in shape from running so much.”

“No.” I tell them. “That’ll happen in the spring and summer. Right now I’m getting in shape for running so much later.”