spicy mustard

Sometimes you need to trip over your own little assumptions in order to realize they’re even assumptions at all.

We went on vacation about 10 days ago, and rented a condo suite with a full kitchen. It’s nice to have somewhere to cook regular meals when we’re out busy exploring the mountains. The small minor upgrade to the expense in accommodation makes for much less expense when it comes to dining. We can have simple breakfasts and lunches with ingredients from the grocery store.

We bought supplies to make sandwiches for lunch every day — buns, sliced cheese, deli meat, greens, and…

The store was all out of the regular mustard I usually buy. I won’t mention brands here at the risk of sounding like an endorsement, but sometime you just grow up with a single brand of something and never really re-evaluate it. Basic yellow mustard has been that for me. Same brand. Forty-six years… well, assuming I ate mustard as an infant. Unlikely.

The store was out. So I tried another brand. “Prepared Hot Yellow Mustard” in a little vacation-sized jar.

I think I just tripped over my own assumptions about the mustard I thought I liked. I think I like this new stuff better.