unlevelled leavened.

Two bread pan, both alike in dignity. (In fair Edmonton, where we lay our scene), From ancient grain break to new bakery, Where civil dough makes civil hands unclean.

Seriously, though.

It was bread day today and after resting in the fridge overnight I did the routine: weigh out two equal portions, flour, knead lightly, and put to rest in a matching pair of cast iron loaf pans right around the same time I was sipping my morning coffee.

When I went to cook them this evening there were two loaves ready to bake. One had barely risen to level of the rim of the loaf pan while the other was a solid inch and a half above it.

Did I mention these weighed exactly the same amount this morning and received roughly equal love and care to get them into their respective pans?

It was very strange that they turned out so differently.