Pi Day, Eve

We spent the evening making pies.

Tomorrow is March 14th.

It’s one of those “we celebrate the day because it’s funny“ kinda days.

The third month.

The fourteenth day.





Pi day.

Last year I bought a pie on my way back to my office after lunch. It was March 13th. I got called into a meeting fifteen minutes later and didn’t go home until almost 9pm that night having been drafted to the emergency communications team reacting to COVID-19.

I ate a cold piece of pie late the next day after another 16 hour work day, stressed, deflated, and shell-shocked from the pandemic hitting our little city full force.

I went a bit overboard on this baked pie.

I used the 12 inch frying pan as a pie plate.

Two cans of store-bought pie filling.

It’s so big.

The kid helped, and in fact she did most of the work.

This year’s pie is going to be so much better than last year.